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Gerardo Frisina - Movement
Vinyl LP

Gerardo Frisina



Released: 17th November 2014 | 12 track latin & world jazz album

Gerardo Frisina has established himself throughout the years as one of the finest interpreters of the Latin-influenced Jazz club sound. Four years after the release of Join the Dance, he returns on Schema with a brand new album, Movement.

Gerardo's contribution to the history of Italian Jazz is remarkable: along with his activity as a producer, his work has been pivotal in uncovering rare Italian and European Jazz for international audiences, thus reviving this rich heritage.

The studio is where he feels at home: his recent activity has been considerable, with a multitude of projects and single releases, and finally, a new album. Like a gifted movie director, he conducts with delicacy and mastery a fine ensemble of musicians, bringing into these recordings the outcome of lifelong research into sound. His fifth full-length album summarizes his experiences, his endless listening sessions and experiments with different music cultures.

Here are 12 pieces describing another amazing journey through Gerardo's rich and exotic influences: these are the adventures of a European Jazz man immersed in Afro-Cuban inspirations. Gerardos love for Cuban music is wellknown.

Jazz had been influenced by Cuban music since its early days and Gerardo's blend of this tradition has become a trademark. His fans will not be disappointed by Movement and the uninitiated will discover the manifold nuances of his sound.

Movement though, contains a new musical perspective - a more Afro-Funk approach that we can feel on tracks like The Talisman or Mystic Latin, with hot drum breaks that will set fire to the dance floor. This could be how would Manu Dibango or Fela Kuti sound in 2014!

What is Jazz? is how fine Jazz house music should be: a classy dance piece with a charming vibraphone, beautiful flute improvisations over strong acoustic percussion.

Eastern Vibration - Shout it Out is a unique homage and tribute to the spiritual Jazz of the late 60s and early 70s. The only track featuring vocals, is a medley of a theme by the saxophonist Charles Williams and an original composition.

Gerardo's music has the indisputable power of creating cinematic atmospheres - a not-so unconscious inspiration, since his love for rare and exotic soundtrack is well-known. Take for instance Reporter, which resounds indeed with notes of an old TV opening theme on investigative reports, bringing to mind frenetic action.

And action is what Movement commands to the mind: a sound that finds its natural environment in small and warm clubs - intimate places where dancers release their energy and celebrate life.

Movement is a soundtrack of warm and summary vibes that will stay with us for a long time.

"Superb as usual. He was already on top of the game but keeps getting better every time."
Monte La Rue, Sublime FM
"I loved the album. Couldn't ask more from Mr. Frisina. Every track is finely produced and well arranged. Everything is sharp and well driven but also keeps some kind of improvisation atmosphere, somthing that let this LP fly over the composition themselves: it's a great feeling to hear!"
Dandy Teru, French Toast Music
"More great work from Gerardo."
Jeff Young, Jazz FM
"Great Latin jazz vibes. Definitely playing jams from this album."
Daz-I-Kue, Bugz In The Attic/FSR Radioshow
"Another banger from Schema!"
Dj Rahdu,
"It's a killer one. Ace LP."
Simon Morin, RCM Groovalizacion
"Gerardo is on top form as always. I've loved listening to this over the last few weeks. I'll be hammering for a very long time!!"
Simon Harrison, The Basic Soul Show
"Uber consistent jazzy niceness.. spun selvatico couple times already on the show"
Devon Daley, A Touch of Soul, BBC