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Joyce Elaine Yuille - Welcome To My World
Vinyl LP

Joyce Elaine Yuille

Welcome To My World


Released: 11th May 2015 | 9 track soul jazz album

Joyce grew up in the East Harlem section of Manhattan, better known as Spanish Harlem or El

Barrio. She decided to focus on something distinct after many years of live performances in

Europe… A tangible yet multifaceted project: the album you have before you.

When you perform youʼre giving a lot of emotion, youʼre giving a lot of energy, but once the

concert is finished, I feel it's important that people can still connect with you, the music

and what they felt while they watched you and listened to you perform live. You know? The

whole thing with me as a performer, is I want to leave a good and lasting impression on people.

Welcome To My World represents a transition for Joyce: whereas for some musicians the

recording studio is a safe haven, for others it may represent an intimidating environment: with

her debut album, Joyce embraces a new challenge that is able to carry forth her stage energy

and perfectly recreates in the studio that strong live element which characterizes her

performance. As she explains, When Iʼm recording, I basically try to put myself in a scenario

where Iʼm doing a live show and that helps me overcome the fear of being in the studio and

making mistakes, because when youʼre doing live, you just go, youʼve got to do it, you got to

sing, you know, whatever is going on inside you, you just have to bring that out and I try to do

the same thing, while Iʼm in the studio.

As you listen to her warm vocals throughout the album, which include a slight hint of soulful

prowess, thereʼs no fear that cannot be overcome. Her heartfelt interpretations welcome us into

her world, where an intricate and honed voice texture reveals her incredible qualities as an

interpreter. Nuances of Jazz, Soul, Swing, Blues: Welcome To My World is Joyceʼs gift to us –

for the fortunate ones who have had the pleasure of hearing her live it would be effortless to

recognize her warm timbre and equally warm heart – this album is concrete proof of her talent

and personality. (In fact), Joyce co‐wrote most of the songs on the album, original compositions

and her lyrics that reveal her profound nature through music – I wrote a number of songs that

kind of reflect my life situation, situations in my friends lives, world events, situations I see daily,

maybe just walking down the streets. Songs like Late I Rise, a tune that speaks about

perseverance and staying positive, or Come With Me (The Ride Is Free), where she urges us to

forsake our biases, to refuse to partake in prejudices and judgement and just enjoy our time on

earth, respecting others and ourselves.

A Time For Love Again, composed by Marco Bianchi with Joyce's lyrical skills, is another

example of how this album goes beyond music and expresses a powerful and strong message:

with this song Joyce speaks about disillusionment in love, telling us how thereʼs no sense in

closing ourselves in a shell and giving into the fear of feeling and the ability to love again. We

can all love again, reach out to others and feel amorous again. The album also includes some

stand out covers, classics such as Marvin Gayeʼs Itʼs Madness and Donny Hathawayʼs Trying

Times. The album features the renowned and astounding Finnish sax player Timo Lassy and his

band – musicians who are amongst some of the best Jazz players on the international jazz scene.

Timo and his guys bring that extra something, a subtlety with a powerful impact and a groove

that was needed to fulfill the dream and the vision of Joyce Elaine Yuille. Joyce has excitedly

stated, these guys are wickedly fantastic, I keep telling everyone, donʼt close your eyes on

Finnish Jazz scene, because these guys are really kicking major ! She smiles…