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Davis - This Time With You EP
12" Vinyl
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This Time With You EP

Soul Clap Records

Released: 6th November 2015 | 4 track deep house ep

Time to tone that bumbum 'cuz the next release on Soul Clap Records takes us all the way to Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is the exploding metropolis where we first met our dear friend and musical soul mate, Davis. We met on our first tour of Brazil, and ended up playing back to back for hours on an epic birthday boat party around Rio's harbor. A pillar in the Brazilian house and disco music scene, Davis is known for his marathon DJ sets, heavy vinyl/synth collection and of course his oversized golden retrievers Neve and Moog.

Davis tells us that for him, music production is all about telling stories and sharing emotion. It is written with two-fold intention, both an invitation to connect within and also an opportunity to escape.

More in Davis' words:

The 3 tracks bring pieces of emotions that are very present in my daily life. Ethnic with her african wild side is influenced by my childhood surrounded by black rhythms. I came from a very poor family, my grandfather was black and one of our great amusements was celebrating with the music full of black influences like samba, umbanda and the blues. Juno Ballad brings to me the image of driving the roads that connect São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro. This track reminds me of the soundtrack of a film where the character is frequent traveler, much like our lives as DJs. Finally, This time with you brings out my romantic side. My idea here is that love always brings comfort and moments of peace that erase any suffering.

This release marks Davis' debut on Soul Clap Records. As a special bonus we've reached out to Australian funk talent Inkswel for remix duties.