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Ancient Deep - Hard To Fall
12" Vinyl

Ancient Deep

Hard To Fall

Soul Clap Records

Released: 20th April 2018 | 3 track funky house ep

Repping one of the United States' oldest and most beautiful cities, St Augustine Florida, Ancient Deep are Little Bill and Dorian The Percussionist. Their music is no stranger to Soul Clap's DJ sets and after some careful A&Ring and development we are very proud to present their Hard To Fall EP on Soul Clap Records. Opening up the record is the title track Hard To Fall featuring the vocalist Cry No Mas. Its a deep and gentle rub thats smooth as butter! Le Freq ft Gia Scola flips rhythm into an swung out groove that feels both deep and tribal, perfect for casting spells or just expressing yourself through movement. Then last but certainly not least is the true dance floor work out of the record called Arizona Heart. This cut is a deep bomb and detonates like one each time its dropped, take a listen and you're sure to understand.

Here's more from Ancient Deep's Little Bill in his words:

The Hard to Fall project is unique to us as we challenged ourselves in terms of composition, layout and Over all versatility. Working with a vocalist for the first time in the title track, we set out to build a true song that not only had playability, but also suitable for the dance floor. From arrangements, layering and to harmonies, we were inspired by our appreciation for song writing and our passion for writers from multiple genres. The entire EP is a milestone for us as the three tracks together complete our vision of discovering our new voice while staying true to our sound.