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Mr Fresh - Grandism EP

Mr Fresh

Grandism EP

Super Deluxe Music

Released: 16th August 2010 | 5 track boom bap/nineties ep
Mr.Fresh. A man hugely enthusiastic about music, and the music he makes, and someone who has been immersed within hip hop culture from a young age. To date you can credit the likes of hip hop stalwarts Rola (numskullz). Probe mantis (aspects) and Sir Beanz OBE (wordsworth surgery/parlour talk), among others, as past collaborators. The 'Grandism EP' is the sophmore release on SuperDeluxe, and stands out as a piece of music sure to continue the ethos of creating and producing enjoyable and fresh modern hip hop. With some impresive names form the world of hip hop gracing microphone duties throughout. Featuring on the EP are experienced, quality emcees like Braille, part of the excellent 'lightheaded' group (along with Ohmega watts and Othello). Cadence, Massachusetts native and one half of underground mainstays 'Raw Produce'. One of the finest emcees ever to come out of England, Chrome, part of the always fresh Deftex crew. And a recent newcomer, Coherent, whose microphone ability and lyrical output continue to impress. Lined up to support the release are a number of reviews with the industry standard sources of reviews, most notably DJ magazine,, mojo, Blues and soul, IDJ magazine and many more. Along with DJ support from the likes of DJ cro, kid dynomite and Kutmasta Kurt, we're hoping this release will prove extremely popular among the many hip hop fans around the world