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Tetine - Queer and Mutant Funk Cuts (2000-2005)


Queer and Mutant Funk Cuts (2000-2005)

Slum Dunk

Released: 9th December 2016 | 13 track electropop album

TETINE's QUEER AND MUTANT FUNK CUTS is an experimental dance album which mix quirk baile funk beats with electro, industrial, synth pop and hip hop - through Kraftwerk to Afrika Bambattaa or Bonde do Tigrão – featuring politically-charged and heavily bass-influenced numbers such as Tetine's underground dance micro hit L.I.C.K My Favela or Zero Zero Cinco Cinco (Se Vende) a.k.a Tu so Quer Colonizar (You Just Want to Colonize); or more in the vein of queer Latin ghetto electro cuts such as Melô Do Italiano (The Italian's montage), Melô Do Estudante (Montage of The Student), Ele é Loiro (He's Blonde) or 55 which tells odd stories involving betrayals, public sex in parks, staircases, clubs, boites and porn cinemas in downtown São Paulo, cars, policemen, flirts, lifts and stereotyped encounters with characters/personas such as Bearded Italians, Blondie Germans, Turkish lovers, Brazilian footballers rapped in street and unashamed Brazilian Portuguese, if you know what I mean.

Brutal, crude, political, queer and melancholic Latin Ghetto Electro cuts for your hips and ears. Don't resist it!

"The Brazilian electro punk push continues apace with this duo who fuses baile funk, punky noise and performance art to engaging effect."
Time Out London, Time Out London
"Art duo Tetine’s pumped-up punk-meets-funk sound and frenzied on-stage antics make them a creative force to be reckoned with. Having released a prolific eight albums and performed everywhere from Sonar to the Whitechapel Gallery, Eliete Mejorado and Bruno Verner are beacons of their native Sao Paulo avant-garde electronic underground.(...) his is the radical duo who have brought Funk Caroica – the intense lo-down Miami Bass driven sound (literally meaning “Funk from Rio”) – within London’s cultural radar. Their regular show on Resonance FM, ‘Slum Dunk’, has given essential exposure to Brazil’s most experimental soundscapes, covering electronica to post-punk, since 2002."
Aimee Farrell, Fact
"Who let the cãos out? Those wonderfully crude, butt-bouncing beats from the favelas of Brasil known as funk carioca (or, often, Rio Funk) - sort of a cross between Miami Bass, ghetto-tech, electro and crunk - is becomingincreasingly popular in the northern hemisphere as of late. That trend will only continue with the release of the tons-of-fun Slum Dunk Presents Funk Carioca, courtesy of the South American music archivists at the UK's Mr. Bongo label. The album is mixed by the São Paulo - based art-and music-scene lunatics Eliete Mejorado and Bruno Verner, a.k.a Tetine."
Time Out, New York, Time Out, New York
"What makes Tetine so good is that their off-beat, messy quality makes them natural, seemingly effortless, and therefore beautiful.”"
Vanessa Labi, URB, Chicago
"Tetine are Feminists, un-followers and inventors of their own scene; an uncut diamond. If Art is really dead, then Tetine belong to a nameless genre - the makers of something wild, something alive."
Chicks On Speed, Chicks On Speed
"Ingested with their history in mind,Tetine feels as playful as it is relaxed - soundtracking an artistic project that wears its authenticity, confidence and continuing need for experimentation proudly on its sleeve. Less ‘we do not give a fuck’, more ‘we do not need to give a fuck’ - a crucial difference in a music market riddled with attitude, desperately seeking substance."
Stuart Buchanan, Fat Planet
"As usual, real innovators like Tetine rarely get the props they deserve. So if the freaky tweaked electro-booty bop of Let Your X’s Be Y’s bring to mind the baile funk jams you’ve heard before, it’s probably because fellow Brazilian knuckleheads Bonde do Rolê and CSS copped their best moves from Tetine’s Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado, who started working as Tetine way back in 95 when DJ Diplo was just record nerd Wesley Pentz."
Tim Perlich, Now Toronto
"It was the beats that got me - some of the biggest, most booming and booty - moving sounds I had ever heard,with little pretense other than getting dancers into the bump 'n' grind position and keeping them there."
T'Cha Dunlevy, - the Gazette - Montreal
"filthy, lo-fi blend of 80's hip hop, early 90's rave, wobbly bhangra, bruta Detroit techno, Miami bass, Kraftwerk samples and hilariously out of date synth stabs, plus bonkers MCs barking at you in Portuguese. Oddly, much of its synthetic, bleepy ringtone sound invokes UK grime (track 6 has clearly 'influenced our own MIA). Can't wait to hear more."
John Lewis, Time Out, London - Critics Choice
"Tetine are the two downright crazy Brazilians, Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado. Well, we can confirm the latter is off her box anyway. We've just seen a postcard of the pair posing outside UK supermarket Tesco; Bruno pushing a trolley in a beenie hat, Eliete stripped down to a gold sequened bikini and red lipstick. It's not so much the outfit that convinced us she's raving mad, or the fact that's she wearing it outside Tesco. It's because she's wearing this get-up in England. We're talking wet, windy and ferociously freezing. Superb! Blending electro with carioca funk and rap, this album is dirty, gritty and utterly underground."
Elle J Small, F.Magazine