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Various Artists - It's All for You
2 x CD Album
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Various Artists

It's All for You


Released: 6th February 2012 | 20 track techno album
It's All For You is a complement to the Sect vinyl catalogue, and a mark of respect to the CD in techno history. Artists known and new swell the ranks, representing the techno forms in the honorable Sect style. Beyond the usual, exceptionally high standard of quality from the Sect roster of artists so far, new artist productions on the first CD include Ben Gibson's Clamour, a modern take on a Tokyo-style future cityscape, Jeroen Search's Section A, a physical, forward thinking deep techno triumph and Voidloss' In The Void - techno the way it should be made for the 21st century. On CD 2, AnD's Granular offers traditional dub aesthetics and modern techno techniques taken to a wholly satisfying next level, while OCH's Tears manifest as a dark techno experience of rhythm-led lines of perfection. CV's Acceptance Of The Fact At Hand hones hues of colour in aural form, as a subtle vista is painted with strings of haunted beauty.