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FOE - Deep Water Heartbreaker
7" Vinyl
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Deep Water Heartbreaker

Stella Mortos

Released: 18th June 2012 | 2 track grunge-pop single

Suburban punkette FOE's recent avant-garde and left-turn offerings have quickly earned her a reputation for confounding and excelling expectations. New single 'Deep Water Heart Breaker' - very much continues this theme.

'Deep Water Heart Breaker' produced by Entrepreneurs and mixed by Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, Pearl Jam, Portishead) is a cerebral, 90s influenced, gutter guitar rock offering. Sleazy vocals about materialistic relationships interject an onslaught of electric drums, distorted guitars and dizzying fairground percussion.

The sinister and stripped back B-side, 'The Fox', produced by Entrepreneurs is an elegiac look at the dark and murderous underbelly which lurks beneath the idyllic façade of British suburbia.

"Hot New Trash’ is your introduction to the new sound of the suburbs."
"Big jagged guitars, drawling melodies and glitching kick-drums."
"Tyrant song’ reeks of rebellion. It’s bolshy, and full of gusto. It’s just so luscious."
"Sharp suited punkette who is lost, lonely and very talented."