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Various Artists - Up From The Vaults
CD Album
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Various Artists

Up From The Vaults

Soul Fire

Released: 26th September 2005 | 18 track album
Underground funk of the highest calibre from New York's Soul Fire Records. Nine of the label's finest 7' moments - A and B sides - are gathered together on CD for the first time and the result is a shockingly groovealicious set. Fast and loose vintage sounds, oozing raw soul. The Soul Fire Collection of Funk Singles is the third collection of singles released by Soul Fire records. Soul Fire (like its predecessor Desco) seeks to re-create the sound of the hardest funk songs from the late 60s and early 70s. The broad influences are things like James Brown, the Meters, Dyke and the Blazers and so on, but with a much rawer garage sound. Also, label owner and founder Phillipe Lehman has begun to include influences from his love of Afro-Beat and Latin Funk in the singles put out on this label. All of this stuff has already appeared on vinyl--the rare and unreleased stuff.'