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Navidson Record

This Is Not For You

Split Femur Recordings

Released: 18th February 2008 | 8 track ambient album
Navidson Record is 21 year old Joe Morris, a English Born, Australian based musician. Joe studied music technology at a local college in Staffordshire. During his studies there, Joe developed skills and techniques which he would apply in his own musical venture which he would eventually entitle Navidson Record. This Is Not For You, is Joe's first album and shows a lot of potential. There's a lot of mixed ideas in this album, and his influences are quite clear, but what is heard is a deep and compelling effort. Mixing guitar, synths, chopped up vocal samples and incorporating some interesting processing techniques, the album is an effective study in the emotional qualities of sound and music. Definately not a difficult listen, but challenging enough to prevent it from becoming wallpaper music, this is a must for fans of Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Bola and Rosy Parlane.