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Um Fall Am

Things Went By

Split Femur Recordings

Released: 26th May 2008 | 6 track laptronica ep
Things Went is the debut release of London based musician David Cooper, who operates under the name 'Um Fall Am'. Cooper states that he's been 'playing guitar since before he can remember', and that certainly comes across when listening to this EP. Um Fall Am's music is a blend of electronic and folk styles, and each track on this release compromises of three things; Intricate acoustic guitar playing, processed and chopped up guitar sounds and strange and wonderful field recordings which combine to create wonderful, instrumental compositions. The warm, lo-fi quality of the audio adds to the endearingly human nature of this recording, and provides it with a nostalgic and slightly hazy quality which works so well. Things Went By is affectionate and charming piece of work, and it's consistency and quality of performance is proving that this EP is one hell of an accomplished debut.