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The Uptown Felaz - First Gear
12" Vinyl
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The Uptown Felaz

First Gear

Shiftin Gears

Released: 6th July 2009 | 4 track ep
After successful releases on Pulver and WahWah45s, The Uptown Felaz from Hungary are proud to present the first release on their own label, Shiftin Gears! This 4 track EP includes 3 original tracks and a remix from russian rising star Valique (Freestyle Records). Tropical funk from Budapest, 'Colombia' showcases The Uptown Felaz in action - this is 100 percent latin funk with live trooper bass, heavy percussion and huge dancefloor appeal! The 'Theme' contains all elements that are indispensable components of The Uptown Felaz vibration! Super cool funky vibes with a swing breakdown, a great solo by trumpet virtuoso Lorinc Barabas and finally the unmissible reference to hip-hop presented by DJ Future's scratching skills. Valique's remix is a slow swing house style affair. 'Eastern Street' is the result of Sunday live recording sessions and could easily serve as the soundtrack for any chase scene in The Streets of San Francisco or Starsky & Hutch!
"Sounds very funky guys, like your style!"
Slim, Good Grooves
"Very funky tracks"
Skeewiff, Jalapeno
"Funky, well-produced, should work well on the floor"
Black Grass, Catskills