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Vaghe Stelle - 6520

Vaghe Stelle


Shabu Recordings

Released: 20th March 2012 | 6 track leftfield/idm single

2 months after his latest release on Margot Records with Lukid, Vaghe Stelle (Margot Records/Monkeytown) presents the 4th release of Shabu Recordings: 6520. This EP makes Shabu Recordings move away from the dancefloor and explore new horizons, moving into the fine line between listening and experimental dancefloor-oriented music. While Notti Bianche clearly takes influences from the bass music scene and Vaghe Stelle's usual melodic synth-fest universe, 6520, I Read it in my Eyes and The Platform take a more ambient, lush course. This EP also includes remixes by Niccolò Bianchi (Shabu Recordings/Cinematique), who takes 6520 on a darker approach while maintaining his shoegaze-ish sounds, and by BNJMN (Rush Hour/Stolen Kisses), who delivers a more Techno take on 6520, in the spirit of his previous works such as his album Black Square, which ranked #18 in Resident Advisor's best albums of 2011 chart.