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Sigward - Tall Tales


Tall Tales

Shabu Recordings

Released: 14th July 2014 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep

Following his hit Marmer on our SHAVA02 compilation last year, which got played by Guy J for a major part of 2013, Sigward offers, in collaboration with Oliver Sudden, Mirza, Maarten Emanuel Stok and Tom Tukker, a triptych named Tall Tales. Sigward and Oliver Sudden reside in The Hague in the Netherlands and are members of the Amateur Music crew/label, which collaborated with some of our collaborators/artists in the past (Angelo Battilani, Fairmont, Mattheis, etc.). Sigward released Drama in Twilight Town on Beachcoma at the end of 2013 and one of his tracks appeared on Maya Janes Coles' DJ-Kicks in 2012. Analog Sermon qualified on their Drama in Twilight Town review that Sigward's balance of empowering, feel-good melodies and subtle technical leftism strikes a chord within that you may not have known even existed.

The release includes 3 songs and a remix by J Velez (L.I.E.S Records/Rush Hour/MMT Tapes/Acid Arab). Welcome Back My Sun takes back where Grow Inside Up from Drama in Twilight Town left off. It is a slow and somewhat funky jam of spacey synths accompanied by Mirza's Jim-Morissonesque voice. Following it, Infobahn is, obviously if you consider the name, a clear statement of one influence that has always been underlying in Sigward's music: Krautrock. It is an 11-minute jam of what could be called Nu-Krautrock, where 70s structures meet more modern sounds. Closing the triptych, Double Triangles is a more ambient piece of music where the piano played by Tom Tukker, the bass guitar played by Maarten Emanuel Stok and the airy diamond-shaped sounding synths coexist in a powerful ensemble. To close the EP, J Velez takes elements of Double Triangles and assembled them in a summer-flavored House jam to bring it to the beach, where the rest of the tracks belong.