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Norwell - Appendix
12" Vinyl



Shabu Recordings

Released: 22nd January 2016 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep

Appendix may refer to any text added to the end of a book or an article, containing information that is relevant to the main subject matter. Not that this is a way to say that this is the end of Shabu Recordings in any way,
but rather a call back to Norwell's work while using its previous incarnation as a starting point to elaborate
and expand the world created previously. Although, it focuses on different events and it stands on its own as its own entity.

Appendix starts off where Norwell's previous release on Shabu, I Kissed The Sun, left off : a big morning stroll in a psychedelic forest with unseen, yet familiar, crea- tures inhabiting it. Willie Burns (The Trilogy Tapes/WT Records/ L.I.E.S. Records) complements this unusual walk in the woods by absorbing it into his warehouse banger signature. Burns' rework focuses on micro- events of the original to create a sort of granular House version out of them.

The adventure continues on a somewhat melancholic turn with We Have Been Here Before and Sometimes as the B Side. While We Have Been Before is a more dancefloor-oriented take to Krautrock's signature synthline layering, Sometimes is Norwell's venture into a more Techno universe than he's mostly associated with to come out with a soothing, yet banging work.

As digital bonuses, Norwell offers Glimpse : a short but catchy synth jam riddled with different layers of complexity. This piece is then taken into obscurity by Farbwechsel Records' boss S Olbricht for a ride into a 80s-cyberpunk club where people are trying to dance their problems away in a dystopian world.