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Various Artists - Splash Splash Vol.1

Various Artists

Splash Splash Vol.1

Shabu Recordings

Released: 9th January 2014 | 5 track leftfield/idm ep

After some sort of slumber, Shabu Recordings is proud to present its new series : SHARMX. SHARMX is pretty self-explanatory : they are retrospective EPs that breathe new life into tracks from previous releases. These born-again tracks are then presented under a new form that is dictated by another party, previously non-implicated in any creative process of the affiliated release. The word Shabu being japanese for Splash, this leads us to our first instalment in the series : Splash Splash Vol.1.

Splash Splash Vol.1 consists of 4 tracks and 1 digital bonus track. Avus - Staring Into One Eye gets reworked by the italian musical magicians duo, Margot. Margot bring a new light on the original by reshaping it in some sort of intergenerational party with Rhodes jamming on top of a housey take of the original which results in a jazzy, yet, head-bob inducing vibe. Niccolò Bianchi – Estasi then gets a cosmic treatment by Shabu's regular Falling From Cloud 9, adding a dreamy aspect to an already dreamy song. Niccolò's original had some Kosmiche Musik influences and this remix makes it assume it completely by unleashing its beauty under a Krautrock form. Side B is then opened with a remix by Samoyed of Vaghe Stelle – The Platform. Taking the lush synths of the original and transposing it on dubby beats results in a perfect arrangement. This remix also appears on the latest installment of the series Tapes on K7 Records curated by Bloc Party. Finally, the release folds on itself with Shabu Recordings head honcho Axel Helios second take of Avus – Staring Into One Eye. Having collaborated with Montreal glitch-hop extraordinaire Famelik on the official release, Axel reveals a 160 BPM IDM version of SHA003's title track.

But wait, there's more!

The digital release of the EP gets a bonus; SHAVA01's alumni Falling From Cloud 9 – 80 gets remixed by Avus who compacts the extreme euphoria of the original into a pleasing melancholic techno version.