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Various Artists - Mes Reves Ne Sont Que Chaos

Various Artists

Mes Reves Ne Sont Que Chaos

Shabu Recordings

Released: 8th April 2013 | 5 track leftfield/idm ep

Ladies and gentlemen, here is our new series: SHAVA (which basically translates to SHA Various Artists). SHAVA is the result of having a lot of amazing demos but not having enough time and space in a schedule to release them. The concept is quite simple: a small compilation of 5 tracks by different artists. For the first edition, Mes rêves ne sont que chaos (translating to My dreams are only chaos) delves into the subject of chaos and the nonstructure within dreams. It contains tracks by Avus, Axel Helios, Falling From Cloud 9, Niccolò Bianchi and Vaghe Stelle. Each track has its own open-ended universe: Avus' Chock sounds like an old-school acid-beak track which is oriented towards DJ sets and dancefloors, but suddenly explodes into a cosmic experience where the melodies brings you to another world before falling back on earth. Axel Helios - Sea Salt bases its core on the smell of salty water where Axel lived for a long part of his life, where spurs of hyperactivity come back and forth, reminiscent of the randomness of the wind on the border of the shore. Falling From Cloud 9 - 80 is based on this state of euphoria and wellness; the one where strobing lights envelop your body and you are not sure whether you are dreaming or awake, but the more it goes, the more it keeps pushing you in that state every second.
Niccolò Bianchi - Scum is a hip-hop/break influenced track where curiosity and fear are the driving moods. Its harshness and bass-oriented structure give you this feeling of walking in a dark forest at night with fairytale monsters watching you and screaming until you find a flashlight.
To conclude, Vaghe Stelle - She'll Maybe Stay With Him is this comforting hazy daydream about that crush you had in high school with a tint of naivety and purity. The clever combination of ambient and bass music makes it that track that will make you close your eyes and smile wherever you are.