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All Good Funk Alliance - Sock It To Ya!
12" Vinyl
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All Good Funk Alliance

Sock It To Ya!

Super Hi Fi

Released: 23rd November 2009 | 4 track breaks ep

The All Good Funk Alliance deliver the goods once again. This EP starts off with Sock It to Ya!, a grooving, breakbeat jam supported by a fat, squelchy bassline with brass stabs and funky synth treatments. Our good friends, Kraak & Smaak turn up the heat with their peak-hour remix, adding there Dutch funk production with their finely crafted build-ups. On the flipside, AGFA serves up Man with a Jam Plan featuring the talented vocal styling of Australia's Rubber Johnson. Equal parts electro boogie, boom bap, and funky breaks, this global party track has something for everyone and will bring a smile to everyone on the dancefloor. For the remix, AGFA recruited their DC funk brethren, the Fort Knox Five, to add their signature funky sound to Man With a Jam Plan

"Fantastic! love it ,, just whats needed"
Larry Fives, Inland Knights / Drop Music
"Quality booty shaking beats from the best in funky breaks, what can I say?"
Sharif Galal, Triple J Radio
"Four bombs, hard to choose a favourit out of them !!! Keep up the great releases !!!"
Doc Proof, Funkanomics
"o.g. is my fave!"
Ursula 1000
"Great stuff. will rock it fo sure!"
Mark Farina
"Psychedelic funk disco jams. Will set the dancefloors on fire during the cold winter."
Eric Davenport
"was lucky enough to have an advance of sock it to ya and it has rocked pretty much every DJ set I played this year including Glastonbury and Big Chill festivals. Man with a Jam Plan is a welcome addition to the wallet - original is strong and FK5 boys are doing great mixes at the moment. Basically all my favourite producers on one release. Perfect."
Trevor Mac, Jalapeno Records / Floorplay
"Really tough to choose between Sock It to Ya original and the Kraak&Smaak remix. I guess I don't have to. I'll play all 4 of these."
Robbie Hardkiss
"Another great Super Hi-Fi EP!! All these are rockin! Especially feelin' the original and Kraak and Smaak remix of Sock it To Ya! Thank you!"
Rick Preston
"absolutely in love with the K+S and FK5 remixes, but gotta hand it to the boys for putting together two originals that were tough to beat. druggy high-fives all around!!"