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All Good Funk Alliance - Off-Kilter Funk

All Good Funk Alliance

Off-Kilter Funk

Super Hi Fi

Released: 19th February 2016 | 3 track breaks ep

All Good Funk Alliance is back, this time with a really fun EP of 3

songs that are riding on that synth-funk sound. We start with On Kilter

which shows how AGFA has progressed into using synths and beats

in fun and inventive ways without following any trends. With it's

pressing forward motion and funky beats this song is a clear winner

on the dance-floor. The second song Dream Kilter which starts out

sounding track-ish until the beat rolls in and you are in that mid-tempo

funk land going in on all sorts of different synth directions and cuts.

This song will find lot's of love all from the boogie lovers. Finally, we

end off with Down Kilter. At 100 BPM, this track show's off the duo's

late night style. Jazzy keys with a driving beat and bass really make

this song move. When the vocal edits come in and the keys get more

epic, the song really unfolds into a nice little island of sound.