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Mustafa Akbar - Get Down Wit It

Mustafa Akbar

Get Down Wit It

Super Hi Fi

Released: 9th March 2018 | 4 track nu-disco ep

On a distant planet called Funkatron, a man was born to the cosmos under the name Mustafa Akbar. His voice is reminiscent of an amalgamation of several classic funk icons, like George Clinton and Gil Scott Heron, yet he's distinctly fresh. He's been featured on tons of releases with his solo projects and bands for nearly 20 years now. His vocals with Fort Knox Five's Funk 4 Peace have been used in countless mixes and sets including A-Skillz Beat Working series. Always working on something different Mustafa is a true musician, living and breathing funk into the world every single day.

Get Down Wit It is a fully pumping party packed into a simple yet effective dance song. Co-written by Tony Ozier and with Pete James on Guitar, Art Dixie on Synth Bass, Farnell Newton on Trumpet, and Kyle Molitor on Trombone, along with additional production from Frank Cueto, the groove builds up and sustains nicely. Like he says in the intro of the song, I need dancers tonight, this song will no doubt bring back the smiles and fun times to the dance-floor. Qdup drives his remix towards a more heavy electronic route, yet keeps the heart and soul of the groove intact. AGFA brings an electro-disco boogie vibe to the party and really makes the horn lines shine. Deela strips back the feel and gives us a percussion afro-beat electro remix. It's great to hear Mustafa doing something so up-front and fun. Dance music needs more songs like this.