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Pilas - Burros
12" Vinyl
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Shaddock Records

Released: 2nd December 2013 | 4 track house ep

Intriguing young imprint Shaddock takes a sharp left-hand on their second release with the pensive tones of Spanish talent Pilas. 'Burros' is a curious mid-tempo beast with a nervous disposition and the desire to unsettle; it is aloft and restless in flight with fluttering voices, skittering drums, juddering pulses and a faint spectre of wavering chords. Kassem Mosse can do no wrong, and continues his hot streak with a stunning slow-mo 'Burros' refit, slowing the bass and tempo but raising the temperature, creating a steamy tropical fug.

B-side cut 'Without You' is a floor-driven house number that emerges from gusts of crowd noises and gleaming harps, charging forwards and erupting into neon cosmic synths; and the malleable bassline and chorus of breath sounds of 'Monologue' ensure that it stands out as a prime example of sleek deep-tech-house.