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Rory More - Looking for Lazlo
Vinyl LP
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Rory More

Looking for Lazlo

Sudden Hunger Records

Released: 17th March 2014 | 13 track vintage lounge album

From the soaring swing of the Main Title, the harmony-laden lament of Lost To The Blue, the other-worldly exotica of Misty Atoll to the out-there harp tones of Free At Last...; Lazlo, whoever he thinks himself to be, is fearlessly adrift amongst it all...

Rory More's sublime new long player Looking for Lazlo is a concept album of sorts, with motifs and moods ebbing and flowing, sweeping songs, lush instrumental epithets, vintage sonics with almost lost forever fragments of cine-lounge paraphernalia.

Rory More is still the one-stop shop for melody-intense grooves, dusty oscillations and lilting excursions. Ensconced within a uniquely niched jazz pop panoramica, his curiously seductive and unapologetically magical mondo moods have maintained his profile at medium-cool status. Looking for Lazlo plunders a lush dynamic array of tonalities and mood vibrations, taking the electric organist out from behind his console to incorporate sweeping soulful strings, rare electronica, orchestral tempos, the pop-noir tones of Gemma Ray and arcadian lyricism of Anna Sheard.

It all began with the uber organtastic loungsters Les Hommes - the retro moderne jazz exotica trio who swung their way around much of Europe in the early 2000s. Since then, Rory More has dug his own particular path through swingdom producing and releasing a superb series of solidly collectible 12s and 45s, mixing with the below-the-radar in-crowd and becoming the organist of choice for top international acts. Fast forward to more recent times and you'll find him pared with Rumer in the startlingly luscious sunshine folk-jazz-pop combo Stereo Venus and hosting events for the London jet-set with his electric organ combination.