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Les Hommes - The Sinner
Vinyl LP
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Les Hommes

The Sinner

Sudden Hunger Records

Released: 7th April 2017 | 12 track vintage lounge album

Reaching cult status with their global super-smash single and paean-to-lounge 'Intraspettro' and the proceeding huge-selling eponymous LP Les Hommes on Italy's Schema Records and ESL in the USA, Les Hommes were one of the foundation combos of the late '90s jazz exotica and lounge scene combining 1960s-cool organ group tropes with contemporary arrangements and sound-sources. Their new 2017 release The Sinner takes the organ trio line-up even further out this time around to explore exotica, Arabic modes and filmic motifs as well as continuing expedtions into 'live' small-group recordings of organ-led samba.