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Cymande - Renegades of Funk EP
12" Vinyl
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Renegades of Funk EP

Smash Hit Music

Released: 13th February 2006 | 4 track ep
Cymande carries the reputation as one of the earliest, funkiest, most socially conscious bands ever. From 1972 to 1974, they released three LP's that will undoubtedly continue to inform and influence dance music forever. We at Smash Hit Music Co. and Newhouse Records are thrilled to bring you the first ever official remixes of this legendary band. The originals, remastered and pressed on 12 inch format, pack more punch than ever. Possessing one of the all time great basslines and horn arrangements, 'Fug' still sounds at home at hip hop parties and huge dance clubs alike. 'Brothers On the Slide' was one of their biggest hits, and is widely considered to be a bonafied dancefloor classic. The song showcases their brilliant percussion section, unique West Indies flavor, and unrivaled command of the groove. Even without the remixes, the two originals make this an extremely collectible piece of vinyl. Luckily for you, we went ahead and brought in the remix-heavies anyway, and we're betting their versions will turn on yet another generation of listeners & dancers. On their reading of 'Fug,' the red-hot Greenskeepers serve it up lush and soulful, striking the perfect balance between live and sampled. A heady intro yields to gorgeous Rhodes and pads, an emotive tenor sax solo, in the pocket bass guitar, and chunky beats built for late night party maneuvers. They tease the vocal and give up the chorus at just the right time. Add a clav solo that would do Stevie Wonder proud to punctuate the break and then it's back to the heavy groove to bring it home. Ruffy and Tuffy aim straight for the dancefloor with their interpretation of 'Brothers On the Slide.' Upping the pace to house-tempo, they fuse the original percussion with an insistent four on the floor as well as some seering fatback breaks. Big, percolating live bass fills out the bottom. The meat of the vocal is left intact, combining the lyrical impact of the original with R and T's rumpshaking dancefloor style. Welcome back Cymande!'
"?Here we have 'Fug, shimmering in its laidback original form and delicately done up by Greenskeepers. The original of 'Brothers on the Slide' is also accompanied by an excellent four-to-the-floor edit by Ruffy and Tuffy. Man, that?s fonky?"