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Ruffy & Tuffy - The Pound of Rock
12" Vinyl
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Ruffy & Tuffy

The Pound of Rock

Smash Hit Music

Released: 3rd April 2006 | 3 track single
Topside kicks off with the original 1. 'Pound of Rock' mix. Dancefloor rock in it's purest essence: Heavy duty 4/4, brilliant live bass courtesy of session guru Andrew Higgins, grinding building guitar, Jaswho's sinewy synth line reminiscent of the Cars 1st album (we can offer no higher praise...), and all of it tied together by some of the most BENT spoken word you'll hear. Ever. Rocks the floor, rocks the headphones. 'The Pound of Re-Rock' is all about the hardwood. Pulsing synth bass, heavy ordinance house beats, and that zany vocal...Already creating serious peaktime havoc in San Fran... Flip it, and you've got the hard funk of 'Rhumtaxi.' Mr. Higgins once again on the bass chores, laying down a solid, percolating James Brown style line. Amply accompanied by the man Ahmed Azzam on FIERY congas and percussives, relentless homemade fatback beat and smoked up delays and atmospherics, the result will lay waste to your local dancefloor, just as it's been doing here. We warned you.''