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The Dead Seal - Bored of the Future
12" Vinyl
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The Dead Seal

Bored of the Future

Smash Hit Music

Released: 10th July 2006 | 3 track single
SMASH HIT EP 06: DEAD SEAL'S 'BORED OF THE FUTURE' Happy Springtime from all of us good folks here at Smash Hit Music Co. Hope this finds you well... Side A kicks off with 'Bored of the Future,' the original mix. Penned, sung and performed by Bay Area prodigy Derrick 'DEAD Seal' Boyd, who's been making waves on Coco Machete and other name check marques. Hard 4 on the floor with frenetic polyrhythms, wacked out sound effects, and a great vocal; edgy, bold, chilling and yet positive at the same time. Lance Desardi, JT Donaldson and a handful of lucky locals have been caning this one since they got their paws on it. Next up it's our man Brennan Green taking up the remix chores on his 'what's the name of his mix...' Crazy nu-disco business, this: Brennan adds his own slabby bass and real drums and guitar, then the disco bleeps and TWISTED vocal processing and the laid back arrangement and the surprise left turn at the end that will leave the most jaded dancefloor ninja SHOOK UP. On the flip, it's the first vinyl appearance of Smash Hit's own 40 Thieves' ...STRONG ass drum programming, teaser bass build and build, nice distorted rhodes joining in on the way, and in jumps some sleazy synth work and the MOTHER of all NASTY acidlines atop some Keith Moon hyperdrive and then back to the badsky groove. (Act quick, friends, 'cause this one's gonna move like sixty dollar barrels of crude. One love...'