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Various Artists - Disco Dimensions Vol. 1
CD Album
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Various Artists

Disco Dimensions Vol. 1

Smash Hit Music

Released: 16th May 2005 | 13 track album
NEW Disco Dimensions, to be clear'the lush, studio-tanned soul symphonic excesses of disco nouveau. the stripped down, DIY, move-your-ass sass of punk rock and no wave. surging basslines, three chords and a ferocious four on the floor. The slightly damaged moogalomania of new funk. Musical depth of field and edgy attitude combined with maximum danceability. The track listing reads like a who's who of the current pacesetters working in modern dance music... Chicken Lips sets it off with '3 Soaps in One.' Feisty beats, jumping electro bassline, and smoked out dub delays set the tone for what's to come. Ray Mang's lip curling remake of West Phillips' 'I'm Just a Sucka (For a Pretty Face)' ups the ante with a double wide slab of glittery funk replete with thumping slap bass and vocoded vocal stylings. Putsch '79 confesses their Yellow fever with whooshing strings and shimmering electrodisco bass on the sexy 'Asian Girls.' Champs of the recent punk-meets-disco cadre, !!! gets the funky headcase treatment from legendary producer/dj Maurice Fulton on 'Pardon My Freedom.' Greenskeepers take it to the rim this year with the much anticipated Pleetch LP. An undisputed centerpiece of the album and our CD,'Lotion' sees them working a twisted lyrical theme from the film Silence of the Lambs to devastating effect with a funky rock palette. Mystery producer Brian Macblade parks the party train down at dubd'disco central station on 'Fashion Bush.' Dan Idjut, much? Wave Records makes the role call with A Hundred Birds' daring and dauntless odyssey 'So Eye On.' Classic 70's shakedown melody simmers with bristling string & horn arrangements for a madly infectious groove. Bay Area mover and shaker Stranger aka Ben Cook shirks his duties as Rong Music head honcho to deliver some 'Medicine,' which true to its title, lays down a thick druggy groove and 'peak' time atmospherics. Scandinavian soul-sender Hans Peter Lindstrom has been moving major butt in the clubs as well as catching big league buzz in all the heads up music mags of late. So good is this lad that 2 of his cuts found their way to the party. 'Limitations' and: Gang Sound? both captivate the downright insane funk sensibilities of this rising star. Yup, this here is the music we want to hear when we go down to the disco! Disco Dimensions #64 on iTunes US electronic albums'