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Alison Crockett - Bare
CD Album
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Alison Crockett


Sol Image Records

Released: 3rd December 2007 | 12 track pop album
Alison describes her latest record as, A love letter to my fans.... Bare features stripped down production, with most songs based around Alison simply sitting down at the piano and accompanying herself singing. The album was born out of her live concerts in Europe where she would commonly feature a segment in which she sat down to play and sing by herself at the keyboard. These were often the most intimate moments in the show and always received an overwhelming response by her audiences. Alison decided to craft an entire CD around this concept as a gift to all the people who have supported her throughout her career. Alison says, There are songs on this record that could be placed on no other album. Some have been in my catalog, unheard by anyone but me, for many years. I wanted this to be a record that you could just sit back, listen and enjoy, while you let all your cares melt away for a short while... If you like recent offerings by artists such as Lizz Wright, Rachelle Ferrell and Jill Scott, you'll appreciate Alison Crockett's Bare.