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S.I.D-Sound - Present



Innocent Media Co., Ltd

Released: 11th December 2015 | 6 track pop ep

S.I.D-Sound is a Korean music production group having produced a wide range of music including Original music, Game theme song and BGM, CF music, and Movie Sound track for last 10 years since its debut. S.I.D-Sound has been loved for its unique sentiment for a decade. As a result, the group is releasing the 10th Anniversary album 'PRESENT.' 10th Anniversary album 'PRESENT' is a two-CDs set containing six new pieces and 13 old songs selection. S.I.D-Sound's unique sentiment is expressed in 6 new pieces in electronics, rock, pop-ballad, funk, and so on. The pieces are produced by popular producers including Lee Sang-Yong and Kwon Soo-Hyun. 13 Well-selected old songs of S.I.D-Sound including 'Yeo Rae Ah' and 'Jo Gak Na bi' are remastered in this album. With 'Elika' and 'Bora', fresh new singers 'Hagar' and 'Lency' participated in track #2, 'Dreamian' and track #5 'Present' Listen to S.I.D-Sound's unparalleled sentiment created by the producers and singers through the newly released album 'PRESENT'!