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DJ Khalab & DJ Hendrix - 6THPRLL
7" Vinyl
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DJ Khalab & DJ Hendrix


Slam Jam

Released: 12th August 2016 | 1 track bleep single

This is the result of the collaboration between two artists who share many of the things they have in common in music and in their own lifes. 6THPRLL is the soundtrack of the sound concept that Slam Jam asked to Khalab (Black Acre, Wonderwheel) and Dj Hendrix (Scenario) for its multidisciplinary project. A study summarized in this track which is a straight trip to the deepest groove that aims at a description of consciousness alteration, a particulary state that can took the listener to a paraller dimension. A slow path from the origin of the sound to its more futuristic declensions. The result is this limited edition 7''.