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One for Ghost - Archives Vol.01

One for Ghost

Archives Vol.01

Skyapnea Records

Released: 7th July 2014 | 16 track ambient album

One For Ghost is the collaboration between Giovanni Civitenga (electronics) and Doreen Ooi (viola & objects). The two Berlin based artists started collaborating on the idea of a hybrid between installation and performance based on site specific sound cycles and formed One For Ghost to further explore the concept of soundscapes created live and left to live a life of their own.

The material contained in Archives Vol.01 documents the sessions that took place in 2013 using basic custom software to construct sound cycles in real time and modify them through inserts, overdubs and digital processing. Segments of sounds saved at specific times during these sessions act here as audio polaroids that Civitenga edited together at a later stage.

The resulting compositions are both primordial as futuristic. The inconstant minimal rhythms and digital sounds melt with Doreen's melodic lines creating echos of the first Terry Riley, of the John Cale of Stainless Gamelan as of La Monte Young and Tony Conrad, all miniaturized and expanded in sound cells that come to the surface to then disappear again in a liquid abyss.

Giovanni Civitenga is an artist from Rome currently based in Berlin. He has released music under various monikers, focusing in the last few years on his My Dry Wet Mess project with releases on Daedelus' Magical Properties and Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder.

Doreen Ooi was born in Australia and musically raised in Berlin. She is currently taking the classical viola out of orchestra and into new realms, influenced by space, performance art and experimental film. She has studied, collaborated and performed with a number of international artists, including Amanda Palmer, members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra and the Kronos String Quartet.

Mastering by Giuseppe Ielasi