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Prism Pavilion - Marble Planet

Prism Pavilion

Marble Planet

Skyapnea Records

Released: 12th January 2015 | 14 track instrumental (east coast) ep

Prism Pavilion is the latest side project of SKYAPNEA's head Giovanni Civitenga who has been moving in adjacent territory with a few solid releases under the moniker My Dry Wet Mess (Brainfeeder / Fine Grains). Following the fragile electroacoustic archives of One For Ghost and the first broadcasts of SKYAPNEA's ambient show on NTS Radio, Marble Planet sees the return of this eclectic producer to the very first thing he started off with as a teenager, instrumentals to rap on. The debut of the Prism Pavilion moniker is a short release that packs 14 rap beats in 20 minutes.

There's no nostalgia in the music but this one could have easily been made in '96… as the producer points out: This is the kind of stuff I started making when I was 15… to rap on it… then my career on the mic came to an end and it took me another 15 years to feel again the need of making rap beats. It feels just right and it's fun doing again the very first thing that made me wanna make music.