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Mydwem - Heart Failure


Heart Failure

Skyapnea Records

Released: 2nd October 2015 | 8 track leftfield/idm album

Heart Failure is the sumptuous new full-length from MYDWEM, the newly-minted moniker of Berlin-based Italian producer Giovanni Civitenga. Having previously graced adventurous imprints from Daedelus' Magical Properties to FlyLo's Brainfeeder as My Dry Wet Mess, Civitenga's condensed pseudonym reflects a refreshed clarity and purpose in his work, akin to his recent club-ready 12-inch for London's Fine Grains.

Heart Failure's 8 tracks are a deft and coherent collection of dextrous beatwork, smeared velvety vocals, and lush sustained accompaniments. Cuts like Pink Wine and Plexiglass Skin are downtempo gems where muffled flutes, warbling vocal lilts, and melancholy synths take solos over understated hip-hop percussion. Elsewhere, MYDWEM grafts similarly tactile textures onto a heftier, club-ready thump. Swim Swing is the kind of twinkling 2-step banger that Kieran Hebden would be proud of, and Mermaids and the Way You Move add writhing, orchestral synth blooms to an ever-propulsive shuffle.