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Reanimation Library - Sound and Its Relation to Music
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Reanimation Library

Sound and Its Relation to Music

Skyapnea Records

Released: 5th May 2017 | 2 track ambient album

A radio piece by Andrew Beccone, founder of the Reanimation Library. Originally created for our series of broadcasts on NTS Radio.

Located in the Queens Museum, the Reanimation Library is a collection of books that simultaneously prosaic and peculiar are relics of the rapidly receding 20th century. Chosen mostly for the images they contain, their visual content is scanned and archived online to create a fascinating archive of images from the recent past.

This radio piece focuses instead on the words and sounds of the Library. Five different sound pieces, each assembled in a unique way using recordings of people reading passages of text, synthesized speech and sounds found on records that came with books in the Library.

Black cassette with white on-body print. Hosted in flexible frosty case.