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Delicious Allstars - Poker Nights Theme
7" Vinyl
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Delicious Allstars

Poker Nights Theme

Skyline Recordings

Released: 1st September 2006 | 2 track funk single
Rumoured to have been lost for over thirty years, the original master of POKER NIGHTS was retrieved from a hidden cellar, accidentally discovered when excavating the foundations for a giant Wall-Mart just on the outskirts of Sidcup. We were alerted to its presence by Ed Moris the younger, who can trace its history to an all but forgotten incident in 1973, where a young boy, apparently possessed by demons, wrote the song in his sleep. Needless to say the world's a better place since its rediscovery. With THAT hammond and that KILLER synth solo, who could want more of a big band funk track?