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Flying Fish - Grandstand Theme (Re-work)
7" Vinyl
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Flying Fish

Grandstand Theme (Re-work)

Skyline Recordings

Released: 4th October 2010 | 2 track single
It's World Cup Time, and as everybody gets hyped up once more for the big event, Skyline Recordings has taken 2 tracks from their funk in a football CD compilation. As this is the 10th release and the football is back again they thought they'd choose 2 tracks from the house band Flying Fish. When the label started back in 2005 Flying Fish where the first release with Mr Matatwe (Keep It Up). This was pick up by the BBC for part of the world cup back in 2005. So it seems fitting to release this limited edition 7 single from Flying Fish. The A side of this single is an up lifting floor shaker. Taking the Keith Mansfield sporting anthem from the 70's and smashing it with a heavy drums and a grooving bass. The AA Blowpipe side is another floor beater. Great funky drum break with driving congas. This is a limited edition release on clear vinyl.