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Harness and Spencer


Loveslap Recordings

Released: 15th May 2009 | 3 track house single
OK, now I know the whole Spoken Word over house thing has been done before numerous times ....... to a fault some would say . But every now and then one catches your ear and your like damn this a good track I gotta find out who this is . Charles Spencer, David Harness and Tonee Green come together to give the spoken house genre a much needed shot in the arm with the song entitled WORK . Now if your a DJ and or Club Dancer then you KNOW what this means, it is a GET YOUR ASS ON THE FLOOR or IN THE BOOTH AND HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS RIGHT NOW phrase. This song is an Ode to how they used to do it, and all the references are musical jewels hidden for you to discover and enjoy, and recall the times when you first JACKED your body or got HOUSED. That's right my brothers and sisters we gon' party like it's 2099...........we thought we'd give you another 100 years so you could get your shit together. NOW WORK!!!!!!!!