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Galaxy Group - Lady Harlem/The Other Side
12" Vinyl
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Galaxy Group

Lady Harlem/The Other Side

Loveslap Recordings

Released: 22nd July 2013 | 2 track deep house ep

Galaxy Group continues its string of evocative, top quality house music releases on Loveslap! Recordings with Lady Harlem, featuring the spoken vocal of the legendary Rich Medina. Galaxy Group, the collaborative project of DJs Charles Spencer and Antoine Green (Capitol A), originally formed from a chance meeting on San Francisco's Haight Street. The duo quickly made their mark with a remix for Capitol A's big tune Serve It Up on the Sonar Kollektiv label and haven't looked back. With releases like Out Of Control, Afrodiziak, and Back2U Galaxy Group have graced many DJ's sets with their trademark brand of deep house mixed with broken beat, hip hop, and jazz influences. On the latest, Philadelphia's famed wax-slinger Rich Medina joins Galaxy Group for the soulful Lady Harlem, featuring an understated afro-house rhythm blanketing Rich's expressive story of the song's eponymous lead. Ringing electric pianos, a tuneful saxophone motif, and tasteful percussion embellishments combine to make Lady Harlem a definite late night treat. Galaxy Group's Lady Harlem is sure to thrill dance floors and die-hard 'house heads' alike with its warm, stirring production and Rich Medina's throught-provoking verse. Dig in deep with Galaxy Group, and stay close for more upcoming releases on Loveslap! Recordings. On the flipside we find The Other Side which includes the topical and sensual vocals of Atlanta-based actor and singer Rahmana Malaika who previously collaborated with the likes of Bugz In The Attic's Daz-I-Kue. Johnny Fiasco provides a pulsing remix anchored by skippy, house rhythms and building synth pads. Like much of Johnny's work, it deftly mixes old and new schools for a sound that's tailor-made for modern dance floors. Dig in deep with Galaxy Group, and stay close for more upcoming releases on Loveslap! Recordings.

"Nice diversity of mixes, it's really hard to pick a favorite mix,"
Kristi Lomax, 90.7 FM - KPFK - Los Angeles
"Record of the Week."
DMC, DMCworld
Arf-D Fct, Holland
Michael Stukes, WHCR 90.3 FM
"Wow, this is rather special, vocal from Rich is beautiful, release of the week on the show!!"
Alan O Malley, RTE Pulse
"This mind-blowing gem having timeless written all over is simply mind-blowing... not to forget to mention it is next to impossible to choose a favorite version..."
Michael Fossati, Spirit Of House
"lovely track. reviewing for Magazine Sixty...."
Greg Fenton, DMC
"Feelin' the original mix, smooth like baby bottom!"
DJ Spinna, Wonderfull
"This is what I'm talkin' bout. More of these, please! Big up Richie M!"
Sting Int., Shelter
"Simply beautiful. Words fail me.. unlike Rich Medina !"
Andy Ward, The vocal Booth