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Snorkel - One Long Conundrum EP


One Long Conundrum EP

Slowfoot Records

Released: 11th June 2012 | 5 track experimental ep

In a typically left-of-center move from Slowfoot Records and its house band Snorkel, the follow up to their lauded Stop Machine LP is a remix EP with a twist; the twist being that it kicks off with a new recording, an improvisation laid down to tape and film simultaneously in their studio. It is also the first recording of Snorkel's current line up which adds the talents of guitarist Roberto Sassi and Ralph Cumbers [aka Hackney centralist Bass Clef] to the existing trio of drummer Frank Byng [Crackle, Spring Tides], keyboardist Ben Cowen [7-Hurtz] and trombonist Tom Marriott [Pest].

Probably one of Snorkel's more cinematic, and winding pieces yet, it invites you to navigate through their now-familiar worlds of krautrock, dub and jazz, using multi-faceted electronics, guitar and horns to dislodge the listener from a rhythmically meditative state. One Long Conundrum stands before you - follow it in...;

And once you're in, that's when the guests arrive. Maverick audio-visual duo Sculpture start us off. Fresh from releasing two acclaimed albums on Dekorder, the pair grab Snorkel's Wet Tongue and drag it kicking and screaming into the BBC Radiophonic workshop for a playful, dubbed-up workout. Slowfoot alumni Crewdson and Robert Logan come next. The latter twists 'Dead Skin' into a beautiful mutant, oozing soul and glitch and his trademark junkyard clatter. Logan takes on 'Stop Machine' whipping up a blizzard of chops and edits. The set closes with another duo, this time former Rothko members Mark Beazley and Crawford Blair with their new project, the majestic Rome Pays Off. Blissfully ethereal as one would come to expect, their remix of Loophole closes the set in classy style.


Possibly the best intellectually deconstructed funk record you'll hear this year [Rock A Rolla]

...a vital flow of angular energy and unpretentious swagger [The Wire]

There are dark, playful combinations right through Stop Machine [Mojo]

"... an outstanding EP. 9/10"
"...a killer improvisation... ... For nearly ten minutes the quintet jam out on lean, punchy steppers' percussion with taut, sparing interplay between guitar, keys and trombone inna pensive fashion."
"So a remarkable listen all round, highly recommended."
Incendiary Mag
"‘One Long Conundrum’ is appropriately titled, being a nine-plus minute jazz-based improvisational piece that incorporates elements of Krautrock, dub and vintage electro avant-garde weirdness. It’s pretty spaced out, far out and doodlesome."
"the title track is a brand new recording that throbs through its 8 plus minutes, with attitude, bass and scatter shots of electronic mood."
"One long conundrum’ is 9 and a half minutes of krautrock madness, a droning beat that serves as the digital foundations for several instruments to springboard into a sort of ethereal watering hole. It is massively impressive, more so after reading that the whole goshdarned thing was pretty much improvised by this 5 member army. Brilliant and perfectly executed, it’s a great calling card"
"a real genre-fuck-fest, featuring krauty grooves and jazz moods, under the soundscape of a cinematic experience."
The 405