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Phall Fatale - The Girl, The Beat

Phall Fatale

The Girl, The Beat

Slowfoot Records

Released: 14th September 2015 | 1 track experimental single

Phall Fatale are a truly extraordinary grouping of instruments and musicians. Up front are two women, Joy Frempong (OY, Filewile etc.) and Joana Aderi (Sissy Fox, Eiko) whose voices have the power to freeze the blood in our veins and who also perform keyboards and electronics. Lined up behind them are the two double bassists, John Edwards (Robert Wyatt, Mulatu Astatke and many others) and Daniel Sailer (Frachter, Pol) whose contrasting styles make for a truly subtle and exciting blend. Centre stage at the back we find drummer extraordinaire Fredy Studer (Koch-Sch├╝tz-Studer, Doran-Stucky-Studer-Tacuma and many others). His percussive range is incredible. Tender and melodic one moment, thunderous and hard the next, he is both foundation and ornament to Phall Fatale's unique sound.

Their music bridges the gap between song and improvisation, between pop and experimental. The individual voices of the singers merge with strident electronic sequences into the organic powerhouse of the two double basses and drums. Powerful hardcore packets of groove and spoken word are juxtaposed with meditative soundscapes that tell stories.

'The Girl, The Beat' is the single and first track from their forthcoming second album 'Moonlit Bang Bang' [15th Jan 2016 - Slowfoot Records] and sees the group deliver, with the help of producer Roli Mosimann [The Swans, New Order, That Petrol Emotion], a delicious slice of alt-pop with its sly commentary on the fashion world. The single will be accompanied by a video.