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Robert Logan - Accurate Spit Boy EP
12" Vinyl
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Robert Logan

Accurate Spit Boy EP

Slowfoot Records

Released: 16th March 2009 | 5 track leftfield/idm ep

Slowfoot Records is excited to present the new EP from Robert Logan, which preceeds the imminent release of his second album Inscape. The Accurate Spit Boy EP contains different mixes of 2 tracks - Accurate Spit Boy & Cut By Concrete - both from the album alongside 3 new non-album tracks. Still only 21, Robert has already drawn comparisons to the likes of Amon Tobin, Massive Attack and Autechre. His brilliant and acclaimed debut Cognessence, was described as 'the link between the completely urban, dancefloor focused scenes of grime, ragga, dubstep and the industrial/suburban landscape of teenage bedrooms, twitching curtained cul-de-sacs and the discovery of the inner life'. [BBC Experimental] This latest EP continues to prove that his imagination belongs outside of anything that electronica or IDM routinely throw up. Accurate Spit Boy takes its black humour from its title to craft an impossible beat that splutters and spits through its sections. Pigs takes us somewhere different again and has a misshapen beauty that moves with unexpected dignity. Swimming in Horse is an odd and snarling slippery hip hop going all horse shaped, and Cranes a post dub step blissed out breakdown of an immense landscape looking east. The closing track Cut by Concrete takes the sounds of a factory at work and tools them to the relentless pulse that drives the electronic era. Already championed by the likes of Mary-Anne Hobbs, Logan's recent CV includes opening for Grace Jones at Massive Attack's Meltdown, co-writing the score for the Oscar winning documentary feature Taxi to the Darkside and ongoing collaborations with the likes of Skye (Morcheeba), Snorkel and Brian Eno.

"Yeah, this guy is real good!"
The Bug
"Accurate Spit Boy' is taken from his forthcoming follow up LP 'Inscape' and follows his inquisitively improvisational and experimental ear into highly complex and accomplished soundscapes."
"The EP is a testament to why Robert Logan is so lauded. The raw, haunting electronic blips and deep bass buzz that emanate from the five tracks inhabit an untouchable space of their own.... ...If justice is done, his music will be as great a success as Burial’s innovation was last year"
Buzzin Electronic Music
"Great stuff"
Laurent Garnier
"The classically trained Logan provides the nightmare soundscape backdrop for albums like Dorian Concept’s When Planets Explode and Harmonic 313’s When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence, particularly the tracks on the B-side that are deep on dub and bass."
Global Fly