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Snorkel - Stop Machine
Vinyl LP
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Stop Machine

Slowfoot Records

Released: 9th May 2011 | 8 track experimental album

VINYL COMES WITH FREE DOWNLOAD TOKEN. The electro-aquatic-kraut-afro-funk-sonic-experimentation-unit known as SNORKEL release their 'Stop Machine' LP on the 9th May. Propelled by drummer Frank Byng and the rhythms generated by cheap samplers and drum machines, this band revel in the joy of psychedelic repetition throwing in elastic interruptions on guitar, analogue and digital synthesisers, trombone, live samples and vocals. ...the ghostly jam of Miles Davis, Sonic Youth and Lee Perry... [Paul Hawkins] After a year of experimenting in their South East London studio, Snorkel have remerged focused and energized holding in their hands a brilliant new record. 'Stop Machine' recalls the improvised off kilter performances of their acclaimed first album 'Glass Darkly' and delivers a compact, robust and energetic route through post-funk, dub, electronica, krautrock and sonic art. Improvisation continues to be at the core of their strategy, from the agitated post-industrial experiments of 'Driller' and 'Edgar's Hoover' to the aquatic drift of 'Jellyfish'. A more compositional approach is evident in the swaggering and elastic grooves of 'Stop Machine' and 'Loophole', the slippery mood of 'Wet Tongue' , and the dreamlike tension and release of 'Dead Skin', which incorporates the shadowy rhymed musings of eccentric soulster Stuart. Players on the record include drummer/producer Frank Byng [Crackle, Spring Tides, Barry Adamson], Ben Cowen [7-Hurtz, Crackle], Charles Stuart [Grace Jones], Tom Marriott [Pest] and artist/producer 129, with additional contributions from guitarist Lucas Suarez, Robert Logan and Ralph Cumbers [AKA Bass Clef]. Aside from their activities in the studio, Snorkel have been busy performing live at festivals - (Venn, Shambala, Sonic Boom, Meze) - and in and around town sharing bills with the likes of Blurt, Monkey Puzzle Trio and Red Square. They have remixed for Robert Logan, Slovo and most recently for Esben And The Witch.

"There are dark, playful combinations right through Stop Machine"
"...a vital flow of angular energy and unpretentious swagger"
The Wire
"If mesmerising, beat laden, experimental, electronics are your thing, you’ll want to hear this"
Fred Perry Subculture
" assured if you're prepared to open your mind and let Snorkel in then this could well be a 10 out of 10 album"
The 405
"Experimental but funky fusions of Krautrock, Dub and Jazz from Slowfoot's dextrously versatile in-house band... ... Locked in, they continue to shapeshift from minimalist electro-acoustic rock reminding of Ike Yard on 'Edgar's Hoover' to Drumfunk-like rhythmic technicality of 'Driller', the swaggering skronk of 'Loophole' and the submerged electronics of 'Jellyfish'. Highly impressive stuff."
"Possibly the best intellectually deconstructed funk record you'll hear this year."
Rock A Rolla
"Stop Machine is a trippy, thumping masterwork sure to arrest attentive ears"
Music OMH
"Stop Machine is a very convincing hybrid, bringing disparate influences together to form a lopsided fourth-world funk of the highest order."
Cyclic Defrost
"Highlights of the album are the unsettling, minimal drumbeats of ‘Edgars Hoover’ and the funky, hip hop influenced beat of ‘Dark Star’, but there’s never a dull moment on this album. ‘Stop Machine’ is well worth a few listens."
Live Music Scene
"This is not my usual bag, but in my head this is kinda what i want Tortoise to sound like. A Lee Perry / Can / Barry Adamson society-esque shunt of sweaty chimeric propulsion"
Cows Are Just Food