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Arnie Love - Invisible Wind
7" Vinyl
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Arnie Love

Invisible Wind

Soul Spectrum

Released: 4th June 2012 | 2 track disco single

Long the preserve of modern soul and rare disco collectors, the Tap records label has remained of the map for one simple reason; the records are rare and expensive, seldom dipping below the $800 mark. Arnie Love & the Lovettes entered Associated Studios at the end of 1981 to cut Invisible Wind & We've Had Enough. From its Rocky-esque early momentum, Invisible Wind is the clear gold, delivering an unrelenting five minutes of punchy, pleading horns, synth winds and slap bass.

We've Had Enough is by no means second best, producer Gene Redd kills it with hurried yet flawless arrangements. Backing singers Roberta Rivers and Linda Green (the Lovettes) doubling up the refrains and ensuring eye candy for potential live dates. After some hard work by our friends at Numero who produced a wonderful LP of all the Tap Records material we felt it was time to get these out on our preferred format of 7, a place we feel the music sits wonderfully in all its imperfect perfection.