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Exit 9 - I Love You! Love You Completely
7" Vinyl

Exit 9

I Love You! Love You Completely

Soul Spectrum

Released: 1st October 2012 | 2 track soul single

The band members of Exit 9 were incredibly young, their ages ranging from just 16 - 20 years old when this record came out. Despite their youth these young cats from New York released a highly accomplished debut LP in 1975 on the Brunswick label. Originally known as Qualified Funk, at the time of this finely produced record, they were 9 members deep. The album is solid and kinetic from start to finish. It's polished, powerful, brassy and funky as dirty dishwater. Like Tower of Power on speed, it's has brass to die for.
The two standout dance tracks from the LP are featured on this 45 and are just total fire. I Love You! Love You Completely just builds and builds with huge anticipation that glides into a funky disco dancefloor destroyer that's up there with the best. Miss Funky Fox does not let the pressure of for one second with it's perfect dual guitar lines and smart tricky timings that bring a smile to your face as you get lost in amongst it. Huge spin for myself (Fryer) and Ian Wright, now it's on 7 it's time for your turn too!