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Various Artists - The Have-Nots OST
Vinyl LP

Various Artists

The Have-Nots OST

SN Variations

Released: 18th November 2016 | 12 track film soundtracks album

SN Variations is proud to presentAdrian Corker' soundtrack to The Have Nots, the new film by acclaimed German director Florian Hoffmeister.

Corker's radiant score - anchored by a distinctive quartet of violin, viola da gamba, cello and double bass - marks a new phase in the composer's ongoing explorations of harmonic resonance and material decay.

The performances realise a broad array of string sonorities, from the frayed and caustic to the broad and contained, from the intimate to the panoramic. Here Corker enfolds the ensemble in conversation with the decaying locked grooves of its own recordings: once recorded the tracks were run onto acetate, their locked grooves then routed back into the computer as they materially and sonically eroded. The results register a rich, spectral tapestry that thickens and thins, coalesces and explodes, thrashes and liquefies.

Corker and Hoffmeister first collaborated ten years ago on the acclaimedThree Degrees Colder(Silver Leopard, Locarno Film Festival), since when Hoffmeister has been working with directors such as Antonia Bird and Terence Davies.

The Have Nots, premiered at the Munich Film Festival earlier this year and based on the novel by Katharina Hacker, weaves together multiple narratives of loss and disaffection in a post-9/11 world.

Alongside Corker's score, the soundtrack also features a delicately layered composition by violinistAisha Orazbayeva, and a performance by Orazbayeva of the John Cage song Experiences No 2 (famously interpreted by Robert Wyatt for Brian Eno's Obscure label in 1976). Two other pieces complete the soundtrack: a typically raw, monumental piano work byLaurence Crane and a glistening, crystalline rework of an earlier piece by Corker from Portico's Jack Wyllie.

The score is performed by Lucy Railton,Aisha Orazbayeva,Emma Smith,Liam Byrne,Petter Eldh and Mark Knoop.

"The score is a winner/Top 10 film scores of 2016"
A Closer Listen
"Odd that the newest music often sounds best on the oldest technology;Recommended"
The Arts Desk
"Push(es) the prism of strings for film score into inquisitive new areas"
"The music is like a raging jet fighter taking to the skies"
Fluid Radio
"Divine with an atmosphere of ghostly strangeness"
Silence and Sound