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Various Artists

Afro Baby The Evolution of the Afro-Sound in Nigeria 1970-79

Soundway Records Ltd

Released: 10th May 2010 | 12 track africa album
Nigeria in the 1970's had one of the most prolifi c recording industries in Africa. The fusion of African rhythms and culture with jazz, funk, soul, and rock was a pan African phenomenon but nowhere was it more alive than in the cities and on the dancefloors of Nigeria. Afro Baby features twelve musical rarities and highlights the unique vision of some of Nigeria's most talented musicians and producers who added their Afro slant to the genres that were dominating the western popular music charts. The burgeoning interest in the history of Afrobeat and Afro-funk continues and this collection presents some of the best examples of funky Afro music from Africa's most populated nation. The packaging, sleeve notes and music are magnificent. MOJO (UK) If you don't feel this music you've lost your life force XLR8R (USA)