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Bozzwell - The Woods EP
12" Vinyl
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The Woods EP


Released: 25th May 2009 | 3 track minimal/glitch single
Bozzwell, he of Hiem, presents a solo slice of minimal. It's been cut, carpaccio style and arrives like the sun breaking through the woods from ethereal slums. It throbs, it hums, it pulses, it fizzes and will put a heart in your head. The Black Dog pick up the quest, taking you by the leash into an electric ether, deep towards the heart of darkness... threading your veins in to the eye of a static storm. It's enough to kick start the heart in your head. Pulling you out of darkness and beyond the mist, Trulz & Robin from the Norway bring you back home into a tidy new day for soothing relief. It's a squidgy fckr and grows and thrives like the mushrooms out back, leaving you in a good head and settled with what lies ahead.