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Jazzinvaders - Blow
CD Album
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Released: 10th November 2008 | 11 track soul jazz album
Club credibility comes from years of inspiration and hard work, and Phil Martin, the creative captain of the Jazzinvaders knows exactly how to get there. From his musical vision, the Jazzinvaders have already reached and touched so many musical lovers globally, from those who dare to go beyond the everyday club scenes, to those who look beyond the spectrum of jazz aficionados. Today, the Jazzinvaders are spreading their message even stronger. On 'Blow!' the Jazzinvaders obtain new territory, but only to ignite their appetite. They smoothened their suits, but not their music. The Jazzinvaders' horns sound more fierce than before. Or mellow, if that is what the music asks for. On the front, alto-saxman ROLF DELFOS hits you right in the face with his bravoure and virtuosity, and he might surprise you as he whispers his sweet notes, too. JAN VAN DUIKEREN is easily one of Europe's best trumpet players, combining super chops with extremely swinging solo's, melodical mastery and stunning compositions. TOM BEEK's classy and uberfunky tenor-sax sound is one of the most sought after in Holland, but there's no musical place his horn blossoms more than here. Singer LINDA BLOEMHARD adds a special flavor, not only in words and sound, but through her mere presence. The subtle groove and harmonies of pianist ERWIN HOORWEG not only tickle your imagination, but also your dancing shoes. The heart of the group in many respects is drummer PHIL MARTIN, with his superb dedication to sound, groove and feel. Additionally, 'Blow' features some extraordinary guest appearances. The Dutch singer FRANK MONTIS on Day by Day, the English guitarplayer EDDIE ROBERTS (of the New Mastersounds) on Art Mbekie and the Italian singer STEFANIA DIPIERRO (of Nicole Conte) on Canção Pequena.