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Emphasis - Emphasis
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Released: 1st March 2010 | 12 track funk album
Available as Digipack-CD & limited Vinyl-LP with Fold Out cover. Fabulous groove reconciliating funk, rock, rhythm and jazz improvisation, with a touch of latin feeling and a perfect integration of electronic instruments. 1st reissue of a great classy jazz funk fusion album, the only album by project around Pierre Cavalli and Renato Anselmi, recorded 1975 in Switzerland and released in small editions on the Swiss Pick label and on Jaycee in the UK only.Includes unique material plus covers of Milton Nascimento's 'Vera Cruz', Gene McDaniel's 'Feel Like Making Love' and Stevie Wonder's 'Too High'. Andy Warhol told Federico Fellini about this sound: 'You must hear Emphasis' Tracklist includes funky Club Groovers like 'Rainmaker', 'Mackintosh', 'Very Lights', a big acid tune called Dr. Bonnie - Mr. Clyde - all composed by Cavalli, Anselmi and Vicencio - Milton Nascimento's 'Vera Cruz' and mighty versions of Stevie Wonder's 'Too High' and Gene McDaniel's Feel Like Making Love. The versions given here are inventive adaptions with the focus on fantastic keyboard sounds, funky guitar work, crisp percussion and tight sax/ flute parts, played by musicians of intense sensitive nature who know how to master the excesses and to avoid some easy alternatives. Emphasis did not hesitate to make the most of completely unexpected rhythmic and acoustic discoveries to remodel the original tune while not changing the spirit. It is the kind of exceptional music that takes into account much of what the previous decades of jazz development have produced, but which is rooted in true creativity and the mixing of styles, developed with the aid of experienced and professional musicianship. And the unjustly forgotten record also testifies to a slight sense of humour which is demonstrated in the original liner notes (see above). Renato Anselmi learned piano at the age of six and took part in the Zuerich amateur jazz festival in 1958. Soon afterwards he became a member of the Swiss Remo Rau Quartet and performed many concerts in the local area. Then he started to work as a professional player, composer and arranger in 1966. During the late 1960s he played with Pepe Lienhard, accompanied Bill Ramsey and founded the jazz rock band Peacock together with Emphasis member Fernando Vicencio. Apart from Emphasis, Anselmi played in the bands Revenge, Flute Circle and the sought after project Isolierband by Bruno Spoerri. He produced some film music aswell. During the 1980s Anselmi still was an in demand session man for the likes of Eddie Daniels, Alphonse Johnson, Harvey Mason or the Swiss DRS radio quartet.