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zane cronje, charles segal/r.clarke & charles segal - glenda - snake dancer
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zane cronje, charles segal/r.clarke & charles segal

glenda - snake dancer


Released: 15th June 2009 | 14 track funk album
As one of the world's most repressive governments, 1970's South Africa was not a place to be artistically different. The Snake Dancer movie stands out as a cultural snapshot and government bashing call for personal freedom. This corresponding soundtrack album is a terrific exploitation discovery aswell. Snake Dancer narrates a dramatic exploration of liberty, recounting an erotic dancer's career against a crucial regime within a semi-biographical and half documentary script. South Africa had become a British colonial outpost, which yielded to Dutch Afrikaans sovereignty in the 1960s and the repressive racial segregation of Apartheid. When former teacher Glenda Kemp turned to stripping to work her way through college, uptight South African audiences were scandalized by her exotic routines and particularly by her nude python dance. There are many surprisingly different sides to the soundtrack. Most of the arrangements capture the harsh glare and heat of erotic live club performances, evoking a liberated but vulgar atmosphere, that probably many young South Africans were longing for during the 1970s. The funk and disco inspired tracks still have the ability to rock clubs around the world today, thanks to the extraordinary ideas and studio skills of producer Zane Cronje. There is a glorious pop appeal on some of the songs due to the vocals of a female background choir, with panoramic strings and brass attached, interrupted by afro pop, harsh psychedelic guitar riffs or afro pop drumming with heavy bass sounds, plus some lovely piano jazz and bossa nova inspired tracks inbetween.